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Banking And Finance Services

Digital  transformation  is  spreading rapidly across  the financial services industry. Customers today  demand  seamless  and  secure   mobile   transactions,  and  anything  less  can  cost  a  financial  services  firm  their  business.


The   rapid   growth  of   smartphones has opened   up  a new  channel  for  Banking  and  FinTech services  companies.  Customers  want  instant   access to  their accounts and  portfolios, and want  to be able to trade   and  monitor   their  financial  movements.  They want   always  on  access  to  their  bank  account, and demand    that   they  should   be   able   to  carry  online

transactions  no  matter  where  they  are.

Package One is a leading developer of intelligent finance apps that can help enrich the entire portfolio of accounting solutions.

We have deep experience in designing, developing and deploying web and mobile  apps  by  leveraging  AI  and  Blockchain technologies  to  improve  customer  interactions,  build  loyalty  and  boost operational efficiency. These  intelligent  finance  apps also give  Banking  and  FinTech services firms direct access to customers, allowing them  to  interact  seamlessly  with  each  customer  and  deliver  targeted  services.

Applying Blockchain & AI

Package One’s  most  experienced  team  of  business,  technology and financial regulatory experts got together  to  apply  AI  and  Blockchain  to  our  finance and accounting mobility solutions ensuring that you can drive business  forward.  Powered  by  Blockchain  and  AI,  our  financial  apps  enable a variety of  functionalities such as automatic  activation  of  claim  settlement, simplified information gathering processes, better collaboration with third-party sources  and  many  more.

Blockchain   also  improves  infrastructure  to  drive  efficiencies,  reduce  cost  and  open  new revenue opportunities.  Most  importantly, our Blockchain deployment allows finance companies to establish transparency and security  of  all  data.  Moreover,  as  all data is stored as blocks it is easier to retrieve what’s required during financial trading,  capital  funding  and  so  on.

Our Offerings

  • Churn Prediction and Customer Segmentation

  • Credit Underwriting

  • Fraud Detection and AML

  • Information Extraction and Sentiment Analysis

  • Asset and Wealth Management

  • Recommendation System

  • Identity Analytics

  • Product Engineering – Top End UI/UX Design

  • Custom Web App Development

  • User Experience Strategy, Design and Testing

  • Custom Mobile App Development – iOS, Android, Hybrid

  • Cloud Strategy and Architecture

  • Mobile Strategy Architecture Definition and Integration

  • Business Process Automation and Workflow Management

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